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Social Media Marketing

From the very opening of their eyes in the morning till their eyes close at night, audiences are hooked to social media, making it the perfect platform to promote your brand. Social Media Marketing is essentially gaining traffic or attention through social media platforms.

Social media marketing requires in-depth knowledge of various social media platforms that serve different purposes and the skill to devise strategies that utilise their features effectively for brand promotion and marketing.

Let’s conquer social media! Wired Cosmo style…

Social Media Marketing Wired Cosmo style involves a lot many layers of planning and strategising including:

  • Listening
  • Content Strategy & Marketing
  • Engagement & Community Marketing
  • Promotion & Advertising
  • Metrics, Measurement & Analytics
Social Media Marketing Wired Cosmo style involves a lot many layers of planning and strategising including:

The world is giving us answers each day and we have learned the art of listening.

Listening is one of the most important tasks to be the emperors of the social media empire. We at Wired Cosmo carefully listen and monitor the specific keywords, phrases and hashtags to produce quality content that helps to directly target the core audiences much faster.

Content forms the backbone of marketing on social media platforms. Quality content must also be strategised to meet the demographics and needs of various platforms to obtain optimum results. We at Wired Cosmo, carefully study the requirements of each platform to devise innovative platform specific strategies that are sure to grab the attention of the potential consumers.

Let’s strategise the best content marketing strategies for your brand!

Just like a dull introvert person fails to communicate their true feelings and is incapable of making many friends similar is the case with brands on social media. An introvert brand that fails to engage its audience will never be able to create the desired customer fan base. A brand must be interactive and should always engage its audiences consistently and actively to build a strong base of loyal customers.

We ensure that your brand doesn’t just focus on marketing itself but rather on establishing lasting bonds with customers to enhance loyalty, sales and footfalls. Through regular updates we ensure that the customers always remain updated about all the new or existing offers, discounts or events.

Your customers will surely have reasons enough to keep trusting and loving your brand!

Attention! Highly likeable content ahead! Don’t control the urge to share and comment…

That’s the social media way to promote and advertise. Evoke excitement and suspense, touch the emotional chords of customers and built a lasting impression in their minds.  Want to make your brand trending? Make it viral! Top of the mind recall through paid and organic reach is achieved by advertising and promoting through social media platforms.

Let’s make your brand the next biggest trend on social media with Wired Cosmo!

“Success ahead in 2.5 kms…! Current speed: 101km/hr”

Constant measurement and analysis of our campaigns and targets helps us to streamline efforts in the right direction and reach the destination faster and more efficiently. We take into account a variety of measurement factors to ensure that our campaign efforts are always in sync with the brand targets.

These include

  • Reach: It specifies the number of users who see your post, thereby interpreting the virality of the content
  • Clicks: This provides essential information regarding how users move through the marketing funnel. Helps analyse what generates curiosity or induces purchasing behaviour.
  • Engagement: Total number of social interactions divided by number of impressions helps analyse audience response and their willingness to interact.
  • Hashtag performance: What hashtags created most engagement
  • Organic & Paid Likes: These help measure and enhance reach

In addition to these factors a constant analysis of competitor landscape and social media demographics keeps your brand on top in every aspect.

Let’s connect to speed up your brands social media growth process!

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