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Imagine a strong political leader addressing a large audience. This leader has both the potential and capabilities to turn out to be the best democratic leader the country has witnessed. But just as he finishes his overwhelming speech, he realises he had been speaking to an audience consisting of deaf people!

Now place your brand in the same situation. We are the fire fighters of this nightmare. Through search engine optimisation we ensure that your brand is not left unheard.  The way to the consumers’ heart is most definitely through an online presence where they can interact and engage with a brand. Consumers search for most of their queries online and we ensure that whatever path they may choose they always lead to you!

Experience best in class SEO services with technicalities that provide the best results. Get SEO services from technical experts in the field who manually analyse every aspect of digital performance to provide a professional SEO audit report.

Brace yourself for jam management as we ensure to increase the traffic!

Our digital cosmo provides the following SEO services:

Visuals are the key to enhancing the SEO performance of any website or page. Creating a digital presence for your brand provides you with opportunities to share multimedia content to enhance your brand image. Images and Videos have a tendency to grab the attention of the readers and have a higher possibility of going viral in the digital space, garnering more likes, shares and views. However, as images and videos are important for a website so is a proper SEO for those Images and Videos to increase their visibility and thereby attract more and more readers.

Image/Video Seo has a number of aspects attached to it and we carefully master all. Our team of SEO professionals understand what makes an image or video viral and thus perform just the same task to make your brand reach greater visibility and digital performance. These tasks include:

  1. File name: Just uploading an image is not enough, unless the search engine recognises your image as relevant, it will not be visible to your audience. Therefore we provide each image/ video a unique yet relevant file name to enhance visibility.
  2. File size: File size is another important aspect from an SEO point of view. The smaller the file size the more likely is the image/video to be viewed.
  3. Responsive images: These are images that automatically adjust according to the digital medium in which it is being viewed.

Other important tasks in Image/ Video Optimisation include Alt texts, image/ video captions, image/video position, open graph meta tags, image/ video site maps etc.

Entrust us with the responsibility of your brands Image/ Video SEO and your brand is the only viral news you will witness since.

Link building is one of the most crucial ways of enhancing SEO rankings. The digital cosmo is full of different websites and webpages. In this scenario, it becomes but obvious for the readers to get lost and overlook the webpage of your brand. Link building is an effective method as it ensures that no matter what route your consumers choose they are always redirected back to your website.

High quality links are essential in an ever changing SEO landscape to help the Search Engine determine the quality and relevance of your web page in relation to the keyword. Link building, simply put, means hyper-linking your website with other external websites. This increases SEO page rankings as well as the chances of readers being able to discover you.

While ranking pages, Search Engines not only look at the content but also various links that lead to that page. They use links to discover pages and determine their ranking.

Don’t let poor link building be a separating wall between you and your customers!  At Wired Cosmo we master in simplifying the most difficult equations for you:

Obtaining good quality links = Good ranking search results + Happy clients

Let’s equate today!

Imagine finding a spring of water just when your throat feels dry! This is exactly what local SEO does to your brand. It enhances your digital presence by promoting your brand to local customers exactly when they are looking for them. Thereby attracting more and more customers and increasing page visits. If you are struggling to be found and recognised by local potential consumers, look no further!

Wired Cosmo excels in turning the tables the other way round for your brand. Try our exemplary local SEO marketing skills and you will sure never look back at your competition anymore!

More often than not, potential customers are geographically spread all over the globe. Consumers from different regions require different marketing strategies. This becomes possible, digitally with Multi lingual/ International SEO. This SEO technique enables a brand to provide specifically tailored content to multiple geographical areas in multiple languages.

Wired Cosmo provides the most effective International SEO strategies.

Mobile has rapidly grown from the position of a luxury to that of a necessity. The first look or first impression about a website is mostly gathered through a look at it on a mobile device as it is the most convenient way to connect to the web. This makes it utmost important for brands to make a lasting first impression by optimising their websites to be viewed on mobile phones. In addition, it is also essential that mobile browsers display your website among the top results to enhance audience reach.

Wired Cosmo creatively optimises your digital presence for a lasting impact even on a mobile device. Experience it today!

Reputation management is a technique that uses different kinds of SEO strategies to boost the overall reputation of your brand by focussing and targeting on multiple pages of your website. It helps to enhance the ranking of multiple pages of your brand to form a hard-hitting impression on search engine results.

We at Wired Cosmo understand the value of having a positive and accurate first impression and do just the same through our Reputation Management Techniques!

There are many factors that may result in low ranking of your page. You may discover that even after all your SEO efforts you are unable to increase your rankings. This is because Search Engines like Google have specific guidelines, violating which can affect the ranking of your page or lead to complete removal of your web page from search results.

We have carefully studied and mastered these SEO guidelines. We are thus successfully capable of helping your website remove the penalties imposed by the search engine and thereby enhance your ranking!

“With great SEO strategies, Comes detailed search analysis”

It is important to keep analysing your strategies to see if the hit or miss the mark. SEO is not just about analysing the keyword ranking. If you really want to enhance your digital performance you must look for detailed analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of your website. We offer highly detailed reports after thoroughly analysing various different aspects such as organic search traffic, measuring the quality of SEO traffic, identifying slow loading page time and many more.

What we specialise in however, is turning all the analysed challenges into great strengths.

At Wired Cosmo constant analysis of our strategies provides the fuel for our growth. We generate comprehensive SEO reports by combining ranking, linking and analytics data in a consistent way that helps us boost the areas of strength and at the same time strengthen the areas that are falling short of the desired performance. A system of constant checks ensures a 100% success rate of our marketing strategies.