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A picture is worth a thousand words they say, our creatives become worth million we aim.
Creative Designing is one of the most important aspects of any digital campaign. Creatives are the essential campaign driving forces, specifically in the digital cosmo. They are the magnets which attract the consumers, enhances their engagement with a brand and also creates a memorable brand image.
We at Wired Cosmo specialise in creating magnificent designs that attract...
Imagine a strong political leader addressing a large audience. This leader has both the potential and capabilities to turn out to be the best democratic leader the country has witnessed. But just as he finishes his overwhelming speech, he realises he had been speaking to an audience consisting of deaf people!
Now place your brand in the same situation. We are the fire fighters of this nightmare. Through search engine optimisation we ensure that your brand is not left unheard. The way to the consumers’ heart is most definitely through an online presence...
Email Marketing
Email Marketing is the most cost efficient yet impactful form of marketing. Marketing through emails require the ability to deliver very complex communications with simplicity. A quality most accurately delivered by Wired Cosmo. Our perfect email marketing strategies involve creativity through a perfect blend of visual and textual appeal. Our marketing mails sure hate the spam folder and perfectly repel the every time.
Email marketing involves a wide array of services

Social Media Marketing
From the very opening of their eyes in the morning till their eyes close at night, audiences are hooked to social media, making it the perfect platform to promote your brand. Social Media Marketing is essentially gaining traffic or attention through social media platforms.
Social media marketing requires in-depth knowledge of various social media platforms that serve different purposes and the skill to devise strategies that utilise their features effectively for brand promotion and marketing...

Content Marketing
At Wired Cosmo, we constantly nurture the roots of creation: Ideas, with the water of creativity and the nutrients of passion, mixed in the soil of knowledge to produce extremely valuable, relevant and consistent content. Marketing this tailored content will stimulate audience interest and help attract and retain a clearly defined audience for your brand...
Online Reputation Management
Reputation management is a technique that uses different kinds of SEO strategies to boost the overall reputation of your brand by focussing and targeting on multiple pages of your website. It helps to enhance the ranking of multiple pages of your brand to form a hard-hitting impression on search engine results. We at Wired Cosmo understand the value of having a positive and accurate first impression and do just the same through our Reputation Management Techniques!
Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate optimization is all about fulfilling your website goals!
It will be a waste of resources if you keep convincing a diabetic person to buy sugar. This is what CRO does for your brand, it finds the right audience for you and helps in converting potential visitors into customers. CRO requires a detail assessment about the audience visiting the website and the reasons that restrict them from completing the site goals...
Pay per clicking marketing is a leading market model of obtaining more visits to a website rather than earning them organically. PPC provides a great method to increase digital visibility and can also prove to be cost effective if done properly.
We at Wired Cosmo ensure maximum visibility with minimum costs. This is achieved by organising the right keywords into campaigns and ad groups as well as by optimising PPC landing pages for conversion...
Sudip Paul
Image 3D Conversion, India Pvt. Ltd
Managing Director

With Wired Cosmo my brand has experienced the ultimate digital transformation. Their Out Of The Box thinking  helped us enhance our digital footprints. It’s been a joy working with them.

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