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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate optimization is all about fulfilling your website goals!

It will be a waste of resources if you keep convincing a diabetic person to buy sugar. This is what CRO does for your brand, it finds the right audience for you and helps in converting potential visitors into customers. CRO requires a detail assessment about the audience visiting the website and the reasons that restrict them from completing the site goals.

Users always enjoy the feeling of being smart and intelligent. A website that has a user-friendly interface tends to attracts more visitors. We at Wired Cosmo carefully study through our CRO techniques what works best on your site and expand on it. This gives the users a better experience and provides them with more and more reasons to engage with your website on a regular basis.

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CRO services offered by us include:

The Right Timing with the Right Customer is what is fulfilled by audience segmentation. Audience segmentation involves studying your audiences on a deeper level to provide them with a personalised marketing experience. It helps in better resource management as it directs your efforts and resources in the direction of customers that are most likely to respond.

Funnel Study is a method of testing not just two pages against each other but multiple pages that are related. This helps in analysing what content, language, navigation and other such factors are best suited for your websites. This helps in answering some of the major questions such as why do customers engage with your website? Which page was visited the most? Is the language easily comprehendible? Is a specific process leading to confusion thereby hampering the completion of site goal? Optimisation follows and leads to successful conversions.

A hypothesis aims to explain an observed trend on the basis of which solutions for improvement are devised. All the problems that were identified during testing are then revised by devising effective strategies by answering the questions that came up in the hypothesis such as:

  • Number of visitors being affected?
  • What areas of the site are affected?
  • How much revenue is being lost?

This helps to devise effective strategies to make your brand customer friendly!

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